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True Ames Quad Fin Set Futures

True Ames Quad Fin Set Futures

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 ( 4 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible: Part of the True Ames in-house designed collection, the TA Quad is our take on a well-rounded, versatile, and go-to option for your favorite 4-fin set up. These fins were built for high-speed surfing, control, arcing turns, and smooth directional changes. The solid glass construction, paired with the medium body and rake lends towards a solid feeling underfoot that will really excel in surf in the chest to overhead range.

  • Well-balanced and sized for a wide variety of boards and conditions
  • Front fins have a flat inside foil, rear fins feature an 80/20 foil
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.46" / 113 mm   
BASE: 4.40" / 112 mm
AREA: 15.01”² / 96.84 cm²

( Back Fins ) 
HEIGHT: 3.77" / 96 mm   
BASE: 3.77" / 96 mm
AREA: 10.46”² / 67.48 cm²

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