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Wayne Rich Twin Fin Set Futures

Wayne Rich Twin Fin Set Futures

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( Twin-Fin Set ) Futures Compatible, 70/30 Foil: As one of our newest offerings, the Wayne Rich Twins slot nicely into our lineup as a full-size set that will offer plenty of drive, control, and fluidity through big carves. The generous base and large amount of area is great for harnessing power while the more slender tip will still allow for release and maneuverability. These fins love to drive hard off the bottom and can handle some good size surf. 

If you're looking for a twin + trailer, then be sure to check our the optional Wayne Rich Trailer Offering that you can add to this twin set...

HEIGHT: 5.49" / 139 mm  
BASE: 5.17" / 131 mm
AREA: 20.15"² / 130 cm²

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