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Wayne Rich Highliner Single Fin

Wayne Rich Highliner Single Fin

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"The Wayne Rich Highliner has become a fast favorite of the crew here in the shop and also other lucky folks who have had the chance to give one a spin. As our newest log offering in conjunction with Wayne, the Highliner is both functional & diverse, and will certainly provide multi-faceted capability in your go-to longboard. This template features a carefully developed blend of curves with some generous base length which allows for a great amount of stability and hold that you can trust in, while the rake and slender upper profile still offers both amazing turning ability and projection. 

Wayne Rich's profound understanding of design and hydrodynamic theory, paired with his 4+ decades of surfboard building experience can be evidenced through this fin. We're all lucky to benefit from the knowledge that he has translated here into a physical manifestation of a product that has outstanding performance capability. If you know anything about Wayno, you'll understand that the man is unwaveringly dedicated to his craft and will generally only put his stamp of approval on designs that work - lucky for you this is one you get get your hands on! 

  • A exceptional blend of area, base length, and rake which makes for a solid all-around longboard option that can excel in both noseriding & turning ability
  • Designed to have a slightly stiff flex which will retain the ability to provide power, lift and drive
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw finish"

-True Ames

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