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Mackie Sidecut Keel Fish Twin Fin Set FCS

Mackie Sidecut Keel Fish Twin Fin Set FCS

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" ( 2 Fin Set ) FCS Compatible: These low-profile keels featuring a large amount of rake were carefully developed by Mick Mackie - a true connoisseur of twin fins and fishy type craft who has been honing his skills in this realm over the last two decades. The swept-back profile and minimal depth of these fins will translate to fast and smooth surfing with heaps of drive and down-the-line projection. These fins will pair well with fishes as well as other wide tailed boards that love a long drawn out wall or point break style surf. 

HEIGHT: 4.715" / 120mm   
BASE: 8.00" / 203 mm
AREA: 23.47”² / 151.39 cm²"


-True Ames

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