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True Ames Pavel Dynaflow Fin

True Ames Pavel Dynaflow Fin

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"Designed in collaboration with San Diego super craftsman Rich Pavel, the Pavel Dynaflow is an exceptional choice for dynamic traditional longboard surfing.

This relatively full-area fin features a flared base and an upright profile that quickly transitions into rake. The blend of these attributes ensures a locked-in feeling needed for trimming and noseriding, while simultaneously allowing for round turns and fluid directional changes. 

Slide the Pavel Dynaflow into your log, and enjoy the synthesis of modern fin innovation together with traditional board designs.

  • Moderate / full surface area and upright profile, with a wide base and plenty of rake
  • Modern takes on a fin that pairs well with traditional logs, noseriders, pigs, and transition-era surfcraft 
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish"

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