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Lib Tech 7'4 Terrapin Surfboard

Lib Tech 7'4 Terrapin Surfboard

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Alex Lopez mastered the art of speed, style and flow in the powder fields of Mt Bachelor. He studied the art of shaping under the wing of his father and some of the best board builders of our time. Alex has dedicated the last decade of his life to the shaping room, refining his skills and perfecting his surf craft one board at a time with his test pilot partner Leah Dawson and a crew of talented free-surfers.

The Terrapin is Alex’s personal favorite ride. Designed to be a versatile wave catching one-board quiver that excels in all conditions at your home breaks but you can confidently push into larger quality surf at quality wave destinations around the world. This agile "modern classic" wide point forward single fin is built for smooth surfing and glide. Alex’s magically sculpted vision in our dang difficult to ding construction is sure to relax your lifestyle and take your surfing to new dimensions.

“Built for glide, wide point forward, longer rail line for smooth surfing. My personal favorite board.” - A. Lopez
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