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**SURFBOARD INSURANCE - GET IT HER E $5.00 flat rate per board **

Soft Top Surfboards are the best way to introduce yourself to the addictive world of surfing. At Long Beach we have many different models to accommodate all sizes and skills of surfers. Feel free to call the shop if you have any questions on what will work best for you. We don't rent Wavestorm styrofoam and plastic boards because we feel our customers deserve better than drugstore cheap boards for their first surf experience.  Soft Tops are as close to the easy button as we can get:

  • Wide stable boards with better grip
  • Stable fin setups
  • Designed by Hawaiian beach boys the original surf instructors exclusive to Long Beach Surf Shop and Surf Sister shack at Pacific Sands
  • Surf a bit slower than a hardtop for controllability and ease of takeoff
  • Teach actual surf basics as opposed to just standing up

*We highly recommend the purchase of insurance for your surfboard rentals. At $5 per board it's inexpensive peace of mind that covers accidental damage or destruction to the surfboard that occurred during the act of surfing. (This does not include vehicular damage or loss.)