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True Ames TA Twin Fin Set FCS Smoke

True Ames TA Twin Fin Set FCS Smoke

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"( Twin-Fin Set ) FCS CompatibleThe TA twin fin is a staple go-to template from the archives… We’ve been making this in-house True Ames design since performance twins were coming onto the scene in the early ‘80s. To this day, it continues to be our best-selling twin fin set.

This fuller-sized, classic upright design makes for reliable power surfing, and its flat inside foil contributes to its ability to cut sharp and hard through the wave face. Think sweeping turns, nimble agility, and lots of drive off the bottom. Pair the TA twin set with your favorite classic performance-style twinny in waves ranging from waist-high to overhead, and enjoy the timeless attributes of a well-balanced and proven design.

HEIGHT: 5.55" / 140 mm
BASE: 5.12" / 130 mm
AREA: 21.67"² /  140.38 cm²

  • Our take on a classic twin: full area, upright profile, moderate rake, flat inside foil
  • Built for performance-style twin fin boards and solid surf
  • Solid fiberglass construction, flat matte finish
  • FCS compatible "

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