The Long Beach Surf Shop Rental Philosophy:

Long Beach Surf Shop Rentals

As a new surfer you are looking for:

  • Quality gear that make those first few waves magic
  • Soft-top surfboards that are designed in Hawaii for the easiest first surf experience available
  • Not all rentals are created equal…treat yourself to good gear not a cooler lid from Costco ;-)
  • As you get better you can trade in your surfboard for a more advanced board, no hassle
  • Wetsuits to fit all shapes and sizes 25 to 300 lbs
  • No hassle rental experience - not Groupon chaos
  • If something doesn’t work with your gear, we’ll fix it. No problem guarantee!

As an experienced surfer:

  • The Biggest selection of hardtop and performance boards in Tofino and Ucluelet
  • Pickup and return gear to either location no matter where your session ends
  • Try different boards just because you can
  • Demo performance surfboards available 

As a travelling surfer:

  • Access to gear you would actually want to ride
  • Book before you get there to guarantee a better experience
  • Local advice from surfers who live here
  • Boards and suits that work well at the local breaks 

As a surfing Family:

  • Gear to fit the whole clan
  • Exclusive custom 5 mm suits for the mini-rippers
  • Gloves and boots from size 10 and toddlers to fit those future world champions
  • Board exchanges as needed for varying conditions
  • Transport of gear to accommodation (24 hrs notice needed)
  • Expert fitting advice
  • Low stress environment.  Drama free, we guarantee!