We've got some brand new Moon Wetsuits and they look gooood

You still can't find a wetsuit and you're really starting to freeze out there? Well guess what: we've got some great suits in stock!

Moon Wetsuits, designed in California and hand made in Japan with premium japanese rubber, sent us a custom order and they look cozyyy.

A fully lined hooded 4/3 that'll keep you warm enough to surf in those cold winter days while giving you the stretchiness that you really want. 



They're definitely not on the cheaper side, but for those of you who's motivation is hard to find when it comes to putting on your old rashy & leaky wetsuit on, that Moonsuit might just be a perfect option.

If you've never heard of that brand and are still a little skeptical about it, here's a little more information about that brand: the suits are designed in California by no other than Joel Tudor (you know, the longboard legend).

The rest of the team is pretty awesome too, with Tosh Tudor, Zack Flores, John Haffey, Nathan Strom, Yuta Sezutsu, Maddie Miller & Lauren Canavan. 

So, you know what to do if you wanna be hanging ten in no time (okay, just kidding it'll take more than that..)

If you just want to come in the shop and drool over some fancy suits, that's cool too, we love to chat about good gear. 

Here's the link to their website if you prefer to make up your mind at home: http://moonwetsuits.com/ 

**You'll only find this hooded suit in store since it was custom made for our winter conditions**

And here's the link to purchase it: https://longbeachsurfshop.com/collections/mens-wetsuits/products/19061_moonsuits-msw-02-4-3


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