Want to be Santa of the year? We've got an idea for you

We've just received some fresh Tudor longboards and we're really excited about it. Turns out they got here just in time for the Christmas shopping season!

You've got a dear surfer friend and love him/her very much? How about a Tudor & Moonsuit combo? The best of the best: a legendary gift that would make any surfer filled with joy. 

Oh and, to make sure you can afford a little gift to yourself after spending that much, we'll throw in a t-shirt for free. Deal of the year, I promise ya!

In case you missed our last Moonsuits blog post, here's the link:  https://longbeachsurfshop.com/blogs/news/we-got-some-brand-new-moon-wetsuits-and-they-look-gooood

Happy Holidays!!

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