Take a peak at our Board Room in Ucluelet!

The board room in Ukee is looking pretty good right now! It's fuller than ever and certainly hides a couple of gems


In case you haven't visited us in Ukee for a while, here's a couple of beauties available in our board room right now 


Gordon & Smith 7'7 Hot Curl

Donald Takayama Egg 7'3


Michael Miller 7'1 Drifter Glass on


Gary Hanel Retro Single 7'0


Michael Miller 6'8 Drifter



Donald Takayama 9'5 Brian White Model


Michael Miller 9'9 Noserider


Woodin 9'8 Cheap Trick 


Woodin 9'6 Swithbld 


Zack Flores 9'0 Copycat 


Murdey 9'2 Single Fin DR 


Okay that's enough, come by the shop if you wanna see the rest of it! 


Have fun out there,

Cheers from the LBSS Team

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