Sato's Story - The Kanvas by Katin OG Seamstress - Film

In the early 1950s, Nancy and Walter Katin opened a small boat cover business called Kanvas by Katin in Surfside, Calif. After quickly making a name for themselves by creating virtually bulletproof canvas boat covers, local surfers took notice and requested custom pairs of surf trunks made from the same durabile, high-wuality canvas as the boat covers. Word rapidly spread about these nearly indestructible Katin surf trunks, and by the early 1980s, surf wear had officially skyrocketed. Some of the biggest names in surfing, from Shaun Tomson and Peter Townsend to Reno Abillero, Gerry Lopez and even Quicksilver’s Eddie Aikau, sported the iconic Katin surf trunks. After Nancy passed away in 1986, she left the business to her loyal friend and legendary Katin seamstress, Sato Hughes, who had began sewing surf trunks for the Katins by hand in 1961, and still continues crafting custom surf trunks with her own two hands today.

Katin - The Sato Story from Katin USA on Vimeo.


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