Rails and Cocktails February PSA - No Snow, No Problem.

Hey, Tribe! 


It’s go time. Hope to see you all out for family day weekend on the coast! 


Our rental fleet of Torq hard tops, soft tops and high-performance glass is  waxed up and ready to burn. The LBSS crew is standing by like an F1 pit crew, ready to get you sized-up, stoked-up and on your way to surf glory before others have even figured out how the straps works or why they paid so much for rentals!  

Book ahead online and we’ll have your gear ready when you arrive. In Ukee or Tofino we’ve got covered on both ends.


And if you’ve got a few minutes to burn pop in the shop and check out what we’ve done with place and score a sweet Buy One Get One for 50% OFF deal on LBSS apparel. 


And DO NOT FORGET….We are still giving 23/24’ mountain season pass holders 50% your rentals!


LBSS Ukee is back Feb 15th at 10am! 


Have a great weekend everyone ✌️ 

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