A little touch of New Zealand from a Kiwi

Tofino is alot like many surf spots in New Zealand, especially Mount Maunganui.

Once a small town many years ago, now somewhat a pumping metropolis full of tourist and locals alike. During peak summer time these places are cooking, shops open 8-8, coffee shop lines out the door no matter the time of the day and alot of foot traffic. Despite these good yet bad things, both places offer a variety of amazing log waves peeling down a golden sand beach. Logs, leashes, no leashes, soft tops, twinnies everything and everyone is game. 

Currently missing my own country so I've decided to post a little blog post to reminisce and shout out to the main crew back home. 

Cheers to Guy Thompson - @soggytoeszine on instagram, a long time friend, an amazing surfing who is even better at taking photos in the water. Heres a couple photos by the bro.. maybe when im home you can take some photos of me this time.

Another couple close friends Mitch and Tim Broadhurst. These guys have to be a couple of the steezy-ist looking mofos around. The twins. Born and bred in the mount these guys know more about surfing than an old boy who's claimed to have been surfing for 40 years, yet he lives in Vancouver(or Auckland). Great guys, even better moustaches and the make one HELL of a grip pad with some sick merch to go along with it.They make Velvet Grip Co pads, they log, what else would you want in a man? Tim is taken by a lucky lady, but Mitch is still on the market so ladies go send him a quick DM @mitchbroadhurst. Heres a shot of the velvet boys taken by Guy


and heres a couple shots of the sick pads they make, get ya self one if you know whats good for you

last of all tie and to tie in everything to do with surfing we have

jordangriffinsurfboards who shapes some sick stuff. Myself i am not so familiar with him, but i know the twins rate him pretty highly and i would trust those boys with a big jar of open nutella. Born and raised in the mount again, here we have it, a couple sick boards from the bro down in NZ! Yew.






-Harrison Milne

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