Surfboard Rental

Surfboard Rental

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Standard Soft topped Surfboards are the best way to introduce yourself to the addictive world of Surfing. At Long Beach we have many different models to accommodate all sizes  and skills of surfers. Feel free to call the shop if you have any questions on what will work best for you. Soft Tops are as close to the easy button as we can get:

  • Wide stable boards with better grip
  • Stable fin setups
  • Designed by Hawaiian beach boys the original surf instructors exclusive to Long Beach Surf Shop and Surf Sister shack at Pacific Sands
  • Surf a bite slower than a hardtop for controllability and ease of takeoff

Standard Hard Top Surfboards are preferred by most intermediate to advanced surfers. We carry dozens of different models from Troq, Bic, NSP, Superfish,  Stock is continuing to rotate due to the occasional calaminty so if you are particulare give us a Buzz in Tofino(250-725-3800) or Ucluelet (250-726-2700)

  • Long Boards from Walden, Bic, NSP, Southpoint
  • Midsize and fish
  • Shortboards and Hybrids

Performance Surfboard Rentals

We have a hand curated performance rental program that is available to experienced surfers looking for something that is at a higher level. Call for details. Some examples are Ark, HS. Creative Army, Murdey and Torq, Walden the odd Takayama.

Bodyboards or Boogie Boards.  Goodtimes pure and simple kinda like ice cream. Easy n fun For the whole family and Granny too heaps or colors and sizes to choose from. Fins available as an accessory