Jim Phillips Blue Max 9'10

Jim Phillips Blue Max 9'10"

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Jim Phillips on his Blue Max model:

"A modern impression of the Morey Pope Blue Machine made famous and ridden to perfection by Bob Cooper.  The standout design elements of the board are a kicked tail, low entry rocker with a wing nose (down rail) and a slightly piggish plan shape.  The kicked tail does two things: it provides drag in the curl and acts as a pivot point working with the outline allowing quick rail-to-rail transitions.  The wing nose acts just like an airplane wing to provide lift along the face. This is a great board for point breaks or beach breaks…glide into the wave, slide up into the pocket where the tail locks and the wing nose lifts.  Left go rights all day please!"

Available in a 9'10" round pin tail at LBSS in Tuff City