Dewey Weber Planer 9'2

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This is the newest member of the Dewey Weber Surfboard family. The board was conceptualized & designed by our HEAD SHAPER Jerry O’Keefe with the noseriding enthusiast in mind. Jerry had been playing around with the idea of a ‘reverse’ rocker & thought the Performer outline would be a great place to start. He started with dropping the nose rocker & he  increased the tail rocker.  He then thinned out the tail, narrowed the template slightly, & added subtle concave under the nose. The added kick in the tail allows the board to turn easier and also lock into the pocket when you are on the nose.  All of the PLANER’s come with the 6” Wedge Foam T-band stringer set-up.  Since the first demos came out of the factory, we’ve been diligent in using the our team to give feedback on the PLANER.  Since its launch, this board has been a crowd favorite & the word from ever single person that has ridden the PLANER is that this board is unreal. . . . .Your quiver will never be the same!