Jim Phillips 9'6 Van Velzer aka Pig

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"Simmons made ‘em light, Velzy made ‘em turn...and Phillips made ‘em relevant.  This model defines the boards of the late 50’s / early 60’s - before noses widened and signature models were introduced.  A pulled in nose and soft rounded squaretail, with hips about 10” behind center, are the marks of what Dale Velzy designed as The Pig.  The rails start slightly up in the nose, where there’s a bit of belly, and then they smoothly transition to 50/50, which works with the slight body roll all the way through the tail.  Just ahead of the fin on the bottom we’ve added some additional roll to allow the board to rotate and bank stylishly side-to-side.  The board gets a glass on fin but we don’t put it right back on the tail because there’s no need…we like it about 4” up from the tail, just so the trailing edge of the fin lines up with the tail block.  This placement, along with the fin shape, allows you to really open her up on the face.  The Pig is one of the most user-friendly boards you can own.  Baggy trunks and whip turns…waaa hooooooooo!"

-Jim "The Genius" Phillips