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Gordon and Smith 9'11 Perfecto

Gordon and Smith 9'11 Perfecto

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The Perfecto is Floyd Smith’s version of the “perfect longboard”. This board was designed with a wide point closer to center that makes it easier to maneuver while in the “trim position” on a wave. This design allows for some old school slippin’ and slidin’.  Great for small to medium surf for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

The rail from the nose starts as an upturned rail, which turns into a soft 60/40 rail in the middle, then into a hard edge in the tail. The dished out concave stops at around 21″ from the nose. The midpoint area is flat, which then turns into vee towards the tail. It has a flatter rocker in the middle, but has extra rocker in the nose. Wide tail and parallel rails helps stability and speed while in trim, while the sudden curve back in the tail allows for some fun classic style turns. It comes with 8oz volan glass on bottom, and a double 6oz glass with a 2/3rd’s 4oz deck patch on top, a “Perfecto” color design, and a single fin box.

Clear Polished Gloss Finish with black asymmetrical checkered blocks pattern.

9'11 X 23½ X 3¼ 

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