O'neill Mutant 4/3 Men's Wetsuit

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4/3mm Men's O'Neill MUTANT Hooded Fullsuit It's about time! Surfers have been asking for a cold water wetsuit with a detachable hood for years and O'Neill has stepped up to the plate with the addition of the 4/3mm MUTANT to their lineup. The advantage of this suit is that the hood seals into the suit via the modular collar, no more leaks like with a separate bibbed hood. When it's too warm for a hood, just zip it off and replace the standard collar. The Mutant is built of 100% UltraFlex superstretch neoprene that will gel to your body for maximum flexibility. The modular collar works with the sealed and taped seams and the wrist/ankle seals to keep frigid water from flushing the suit so you can stay out longer. This phenomenal wetsuit also features durable kneepads, TechnoButter Firewall for the most insulative and lightest neoprene core ever, a chafe resistant collar, and external key pocket.